$99,273,461 returned in 2016

Unclaimed money

Do you know what may happen to your accounts, if you do not maintain contact with banks, insurance companies, corporations, and other entities that keep them?

The Unclaimed Property Law protects consumers and prevents entities that hold your assets from keeping and using them as business income. You as an owner must receive an unclaimed property notice from an institution stating your property may be transferred to an unclaimed property office. If you do not contact the business by the required date, your property is considered unclaimed and is transferred over to state or provincial offices where you will be able to claim it in the future.

Unclaimed property offices in their turn try to inform you that the particular institution has reported it holds funds that belong to you. However, you may not receive their notifications for some reason and be unaware you are entitled to this property. To determine if you have lost items, locate them and claim them, you need an effective search engine.

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Number of Records

Number of Records

Total amount of records containing information on millions of dollars in lost money owed to individuals. Some of it could wait for you.

Number of Reporters

Number of Reporters

Financial and banking organizations, insurance companies and other entities that turned over unclaimed property to the state.